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Boyacı Cosmetics is an Istanbul-based company. A group company of the most trusted professional products supplier Hayırlı El Cosmetics, Boyacı Cosmetics is involved in the filling process of imported goods, bringing the quality of Europe to the Turkish market. The headquarters Hayırlı El Cosmetics is located in Ataşehir, Istanbul and the modern, state of art facility of Boyacı Cosmetics is located in Şekerpınar, Kocaeli. We have been active in the professional hair care sector with over 60 years of experience. We work with two separate units in our company. Apart from the production and distribution of our own brands ELEMENT and BIORIN, we also are highly active in the contracted private label sector. We produce 72 other brands amongst our own brands and export to approximately 22 countries. Our objective is to be able to quadruple the production capacity in 2020 and become a major player in the global cosmetics sector by exporting to over 50 countries. Since 2013, we have been working on the production and development of high quality cosmetics products in terms of private label and filling in our facility where we work with fully automated machines. In 2015-2016, we developed a new brand portfolio to be able to reach the final consumers and chain markets by making use of our experience in the professional market and the quality we bring to it. In 2018, we expanded with a new venture in electronic hairdresser equipment area with the adequate R&D. Our production facility is capable of producing every product that a hairdresser might need and therefore we have a large scale of products to offer. In our 5000 m2 modern facilities in Şekerpınar, Kocaeli, we use more than 30 high quality hair color and more than 200 cosmetic products’ formulas. The sale and distribution of our products are conducted through our 225 distributors. With our long-standing experience in correct product planning, market research, branding, product and packaging design and quality control, we create the right and harmonious synergy with the highest quality, offering the best to our customers.



A leader in the sector with over 60 years of experience, our company has been conducting the filling and production of cosmetic products in our modern facilities with fully automated machines since 2013. The capacity of our facility that manufactures primarily professional hair colors, kit colors, ammonia-free hair colors, hair styling products, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair care products, bleaches, developers, wax, skin care and general cosmetics products is 30.000.000 /year. As Boyacı Cosmetics, we use over 30 different hair color and over 200 hair cosmetics products that are imported by Hayırlı El Cosmetics from the best 8 cosmetics producers in the world. Hence in a short period of time, with our high-quality products, affordable prices and the sense of trust we build with our customers, we have gained an important position in determining the direction of the sector. In our facility where we produce private label products apart from our own brands, we use fully automated machines. Aside from production, our facility also comprises of storage, quality control, branding and marketing education, support and consultancy branches. The filling facilities of Boyacı Cosmetics functions according to ISO-9001 Quality, 14001 Environment, OHSAS-18001 Job Security and 22716 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). As per our sensitivity towards the environment and our personnel, we conduct the appropriate trainings and demonstrate the utmost compassion.




In order to bring out the natural beauty of the hair, we use over 30 high-quality hair color and over 200 cosmetic products’ formulas. Our production facility has the capacity of producing every product that a hairdresser may need and therefore we have a wide product portfolio. We use the best materials and present your brand with chic and elegant packaging.


In line with the GMP and ISO 9001 quality standards, in our 3600 m2 storage area, we prepare the products that we manufacture with fully automated machines in the most hygienic conditions and get them ready for dispatch. With our capacity of shipment to all over the world, we have a strong distribution network and provide rapid delivery from our stock.


Without compromising from quality, we import the best raw materials of the world. Apart from distributing our own brands all over Turkey with the help of our 225 distributors we also produce 72 other brands and export to approximately 22 countries.


In order to achieve the quality that meets your expectations, we conduct the quality control of our products with 3-phase tests. Aside from testing the adequateness of our products, we also provide wide scope brand and marketing training to our business partners in order to increase their brand and product aptitude.


We offer the best to our customers by bringing to life the synthesis of our creative thoughts adjusted with aesthetic touches. With different and more striking designs and applications, we bring meaning to your brand and provide expert solutions regarding correct branding.


Developing our business and business relations, analyzing the market and competition, planning with utmost creativity and being solution-oriented, aiming customer satisfaction with our variety of high-quality products and working to constantly improve ourselves have been the objectives of our company since 1956. In order to conduct better projects with you, we picked the hard way; we gained your trust… We made providing the best product, with the best price, in the shortest period of time our priority.




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